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Web Hosting Tutorial
How to find an inexpensive, reliable Web Host

How to set up a web site:

There are two costs associated with establishing a web site:

  • The Domain Name
  • The Web Hosting
  • What is a Domain Name?

    The Domain Name or URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is your address on the web.
    A Domain Name is associated with an IP address. Every computer on the Internet has an IP Address (Internet Protocol Address) which is a numeric address written as four numbers separated by periods. Each of the four numbers can be from 0 to 255. An example of an IP Address would be You can say that an IP Address is similar to a phone number. Numbers are difficult to remember so the web uses something called a DNS (Domain Name System) to associate the IP Address into a Domain Name. That allows us to type www.google.com instead of

    How do I register a Domain Name?

    You obtain a Domain Name by registering it through an ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) accredited Registrar. Registering a Domain Name is similar to registering your car. The cost is a yearly registration fee. When you register a Domain Name you will be entered into a directory listing of all the Domain Names. The registry will provide information to allow other computers to reach your web site your registration contact information is publicly available. If you wish to keep your personal information private, you may use your business contact information.

    How do I find out if a Domain Name is available?

    Visit the web site of your chosen Registrar, they will have a search function to allow you to search for available Domain Names.
    You can visit the following links to see if a Domain Name is available:
    GoDaddy - A Registrar
    Dreamhost - A Registrar

    Helpful links on Domain Name Information:

    Accredited Registrar Directory
    ICANN- Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

    More About Domain Names

    The first step in establishing a web presence is registering the Domain Name.
    This is a yearly registration fee that gives you ownership of the Domain Name during your registration period.

    If the name you want is available BUY it. Good Domain Names are hard to find. Think about also registering the .com, and .net and even the .org variant of your chosen Domain Name as well. This will keep competing companies from registering a similar Domain Name. Depending on your chosen Domain Name, you may want to consider registering common misspellings too.

    What is a Web Host?

    A Web Host is a company that will provide you server space to host your web site files.
    A web server delivers web pages to visitors who request your web page by accessing your Domain Name.
    Web hosting companies charge a monthly fee. Web Hosting companies often offer a reduced price if the fee is paid in advance for one year or more.

    More Web Host Information

    The options and features to consider when choosing a web hosting provider are:
    How much disk space you are allotted on their server
    How much bandwidth (traffic) you are allowed per month
    How will the web host bill you for any bandwidth or disk space overages
    what account features do they offer with the hosting plan? (email accounts, mailboxes, databases, forms processing)

    - Our Web Host

    Getting Your Domain Name Registration and Web Host Accounts Activated

    Once you register your Domain Name it can take up to 48-72 hours for your DNS entry to become active.
    The next step is to let your Registrar know who will be hosting your web site. The Registrar will need to know the address of the Name Server of the Web Host. Your Web Host will give you the Name Server information as soon as you have an active account with them.

    Here is a scenario of how to set this up:
    You register your Domain Name with the Registrar.
    The Registrar will email you when your site registration is activated.
    You sign up for a Web Hosting account with a Web Host.
    The Web Host will email you when your account is activated and give you the Domain Name Server addresses.
    These addresses must be given to your Registrar so that they can associate your new Domain Name with the IP Address of the server.
    Once that information is given to the Registrar it will take 24-48 hours for the DNS to be updated.
    This is often accomplished online though the Registrar and Web Host's web sites. You will be given a username and password to access a control panel for your account with your Registrar and your Web Host.

    When all this is complete, you are ready to FTP (upload) your custom HTML pages to your Web Host.

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